At Mountain Valley Mid-Atlantic, the purity of our products and service to our customers have always been our top priorities. During this crisis we have elevated our safety, sanitation and handling protocols above and beyond the already rigorous standards in our production facility in Hot Springs, AR and here at our local offices in Maryland.

As concerns about COVID-19 increase, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the additional steps we have taken to prevent the potential spread of the virus. We also want to reemphasize the ongoing safe manufacturing of our products and the extra precautions we are taking in the services we provide for our customers.

We have been designated as an essential business by Homeland Security as a provider of safety sealed bottled water and equipment directly to consumers. During this time, you can continue to place orders and our team will bring them to your location. While we may experience some delivery delays and temporary product shortages, we do not anticipate any major disruptions to scheduled deliveries.

Updating Orders

We understand that you may need to increase the amount of your order to accommodate for increased consumption. With working from home and families home from school, we can still meet your needs. Please consider adding adequate quantities to your order in the event future deliveries may be delayed or we experience temporary inventory shortages. Our team will always confirm your delivery and advise you of any product limits, substitutions or delivery issues.

Special Delivery Instructions

If you have special delivery instructions where you would like us to deliver your water, you can include these when you place your order, or you can leave a note for your driver on your empty bottles. Be sure that your information is updated and your account activated through our online portal by clicking My Account at the top of this page.

No Contact Delivery

To comply with social distancing guidance, we are providing “no contact” delivery on all orders. We are asking for your cooperation as we instruct our drivers to maintain a minimum six foot distance from customers when making deliveries. Simply leave out your empty bottles for pickup, and we will replace them, along with your other ordered products, at your next delivery.


We want to also remind you that our water is stringently tested and monitored during production. Our pure spring water originates from a deep protected underground aquifer that naturally flows into our ozonated collection tanks. It is then directly bottled without exposure to human contact or any potential atmospheric contaminants.

In addition to the multiple safety, social distancing and sanitation protocols mentioned above, we have reinforced handwashing and respiratory protocols. As distributor of FDA-regulated bottled water, we do not permit associates who exhibit symptoms to be in the workplace. They do not have contact with other associates, equipment, or product surfaces. Any employee who expresses any symptoms of illness will be required stay home from work for fourteen days and not allowed to return to the workplace without a doctor’s clearance.

We are exceptionally grateful to provide pure spring water to all those who need it delivered to their door during this crisis. We have a long history of quality service and delivery of premium spring water to homes and businesses in the greater Maryland, District of Columbia and Northern Virginia markets. The employees of our local business are dedicated to ensuring we maintain scheduled deliveries to all our customers throughout this difficult time so that we may earn your business in brighter days ahead.

Thank you for placing your trust in Mountain Valley Spring Mid-Atlantic as your provider of safe, great-tasting water.