During this uncertain time, we want to ensure our customers and businesses that we are taking additional precautionary steps to protect our clients and employees. We offer no-contact service and are limiting inside home deliveries. However, we will assist with loading large bottles for customers who need help. We are handling returnable bottles with disposable gloves and cleaning the outside of bottle with disposable wipes when necessary. If you would prefer that we leave your delivery in a protected location, leave a note on your empties or let us know and we will notify your driver. Of course, we are asking employees to remain home if they feel ill and everyone is washing their hands frequently.

We want to thank all our customers new and old for their patience and understanding as we strive to provide each of you with adequate order amounts and responsive customer service while we manage our supply chain and increased demand.

Please visit our new ordering and account information area on this website where you can see your upcoming delivery schedule, manage your orders and pay your bill. Go to My Account at the top of this page to activate your account and log in.

Our team continues to monitor this virus situation closely and while we may experience some delivery delays or temporary product shortages, we fully expect to continue our delivery service. We want you to be confident knowing that the water and services that you are receiving are safe.


Mountain Valley Spring Water originates from a deep protected underground aquifer that naturally flows into our ozonated collection tanks. This aquifer is nearly one mile deep! Here, it is directly bottled without exposure to human contact or any potential atmospheric contaminants. The water is bottled in thoroughly sanitized, non-porous and sustainable glass bottles and shipped to us for direct delivery to consumers.

Nestled in a remote valley surrounded by 2,000 acres of protected forest, Mountain Valley’s source is the pristine result of a long journey through America’s untamed wilderness. The water coming from the spring today first fell as rain over 3,500 years ago. It has slowly filtered through granite-based aquifers before making its way to the surface. Every drop is unspoiled and premium in a way that no other water on Earth can claim.


Our water is untouched from the source to your door. We offer no-contact delivery direct to your front door or office breakroom. Delivery to your home or office is easy. For nearly 100 years we have been delivering our premium bottled water to homes and businesses throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

In a remote valley of Ouachita Mountains, the U.S.A. on two-thousand acres of protected forest is a natural spring as old as our great land.  Rest assured, we want to keep our sacred source pure, flowing and sustainable for a few thousand years more.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the bottling process or our handling for deliveries, please feel free to reach out.