If you’re looking to take the next steps to live a healthier life, join us for The Achieving Optimal Health Conference this Saturday, October 26! This one-day event is geared toward improving three things: your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Learn how to easily incorporate sustainable, healthier habits into your week while reducing day-to-day stress.

Achieving Optimal Health Conference in DC with Mountain Valley Spring Water.

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Achieving Optimal Health Conference Speakers

Our six world-renowned health experts are eager to share their life experiences with you. Speakers include Navy Veteran and Paralympic Champion, Brad Snyder, and Sounds True CEO, Tami Simon. You’ll also hear from:

Achieving Optimal Health Conference Speakers 2019

And we can’t forget our hosts, Doro Bush-Koch, Patricia Reilly-Koch, and Charles DeSantis!

Event Details

In addition to lectures, guests will receive bag-fulls of giveaways and prizes as well as a free lunch. You can also sample healthy meals from BB&R’s market throughout the day. The event will be hosted at Georgetown University’s Main Campus and begins promptly at 9am. 

Mountain Valley Spring Water is good for your health.

Tickets are currently sold out, but be on the lookout for partner ticket giveaways on Facebook! Mountain Valley Mid-Atlantic is a proud sponsor of The Achieving Optimal Health Conference. This week, we’re giving away multiple full-price and discounted conference tickets on Facebook. Enter to win and look out for us this Saturday! 

Sample our spring water, fresh from the Ouachita Mountains at The Achieving Optimal Health Conference this Saturday, October 26! Drinking lots of pure spring water is an integral part of any healthy diet. Our water is sodium-free, naturally ionized with a 7.8 ph, and rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It’s also responsibly sourced and bottled in glass, so we can enjoy it for generations to come. Check out our product catalog or call us at 844-446-8420 and enjoy Mountain Valley Spring Water in your home or office every day.