Martin’s Tavern is beloved by history buffs, foodies, and locals alike. It’s in these wooden booths that late President John F. Kennedy proposed to his love, Jackie. The restaurant has also been graced by nearly every sitting U.S. president from the last 90 years. Sit in the booth where Nixon wined and dined his congressional colleagues. Or enjoy a meal in the same spot that JFK drafted his inaugural speech.

Martin’s Tavern is not only a Georgetown staple, it’s an American classic. Marked by upscale American cuisine and impeccable service, its legacy is one for the history books. 

Martin’s Tavern: The Oldest Family-Run Restaurant in DC

When Martin’s opened its doors in 1933, the owners never dreamed that their tavern would become the oldest family-run restaurant in the city. With politics forever raging in DC, there’s one thing locals can agree on: Martin’s Tavern never skimps on quality or hospitality.

Martin's Tavern Family and Chef.

Martin’s Tavern family restaurant team (left) and Chef Efrain ‘Pien’ Arias (right). Photo courtesy of Martin’s Tavern Facebook page.

Many members of the staff have been serving the community for years, even decades. They’ve seen many famous faces walk through their doors including a few Baseball Greats like Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle. While the restaurant has seen its share of celebrities, its regulars and newcomers are equally as coveted. 

What to Eat and Drink at Martin’s Tavern

What could make you feel more at home than traditional American classics? Enjoy a pillowy crabcake, cut into a perfectly seared steak, or dip into Sheppards Pie. You’re free to munch on brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert any day of the week. 

Mountain Valley Spring Water served at Martin's Tavern.

In addition to its famous cocktails like the First Lady and Where the Wild Flowers Bloom, you can twist into a bottle of spring water from the Ouachita Mountains. Martin’s Tavern strives to partner with American originals like Mountain Valley Mid-Atlantic.

Like Martin’s, we’ve been serving US presidents and DC natives for nearly 100 years. We were first introduced to President Woodrow Wilson by his physician in order to improve his health. Since then, we’ve proudly served multiple presidents, members of Congress, and our DC community. 

We’re very thankful to partner with a local landmark like Martin’s Tavern. Schedule a reservation online and secure your booth. Experience the history and charm of Martin’s Tavern today!

Mountain Valley Mid-Atlantic is the leading bottled water supplier at Martin’s Tavern. Mountain Valley Spring Water is sourced directly and responsibly from reserves of the Ouachita Mountains. Our mission is to provide DC businesses and families with mineral-rich water for thousands of years to come. If you’d like to learn more about our products or services, check out our catalog or contact us with any questions.