If you’ve volunteered around DC, you’ve probably heard of Arcadia. They’re celebrating 9 years of improving the health and sustainability of the DMV. They do this through four main programs:

The Arcadia Farm, Mobile Market, Farm to School, and Veteran Farmers. This Sunday (September 29, 2019), Mountain Valley Mid-Atlantic will be sponsoring Arcadia’s Fall Farm Dinner for the fourth consecutive year. 


We’re proud to partner with a local non-profit that is also focused on sustainability and preserving the environment for generations to come. This dinner specifically benefits the Veteran Farmers Program, which provides opportunities for retired military personnel to become farmers.

Why Veterans?

Did you know veterans are 45 percent more likely to start their own businesses than the average American? Because of their stamina and self-discipline, they’re able to pour themselves into any job. We’re seeing a growing interest in organic, local produce nationally and in the DC area. By teaching veterans farming techniques and helping them find affordable land for their crops, Arcadia is creating a cycle of sustainability that benefits everyone. 

Arcadia’s Fall Farm Dinner

This Sunday, fifteen chefs from the DC area will team up to prepare an unforgettable dining experience. All proceeds will benefit Arcadia’s Veteran Farmers Program. Chefs include:

This event is sponsored and organized by Neighborhood Restaurant Group. Tickets are currently sold out, but you can still purchase a ticket for a veteran ($160 | tax-deductible). You can also add your name to the waiting list if you’d like to be alerted for last-minute reservations ($175 + fees). 


Mountain Valley Mid-Atlantic is a proud partner and sponsor of Arcadia. Our mineral-rich spring water is used by the chefs to prepare the food also served to guests throughout the night. If you’re interested in bringing Mountain Valley Spring Water to your next event, office, or home, check out our product catalog. We’ll deliver right to your door or event space!