For 55 years, Clyde’s Restaurant Group has remained an unwavering force in DC’s food and entertainment scenes. With thirteen thriving restaurants, Clyde’s has become one of the most trusted local brands in the Greater DC area. The legacy began in 1963 when Clyde’s opened its doors and quickly became one of the most popular watering holes in the city. Clyde’s has since expanded to multiple locations to accommodate its local and international fan base.

Serving Mountain Valley Spring Water Mid-Atlantic at Clyde's Restaurants in DC.

Clyde’s Restaurant Group: The Experience

John Laytham began as a dishwasher at Clyde’s and quickly worked his way up the ranks after offering a brilliant suggestion… Sunday brunch! In just five years, he became the co-owner of Clyde’s. In the midst of flipping and building new restaurants, he maintained focus on one thing: exceeding expectations. The group created a rigorous internal training program to ensure every restaurant offered the same, exceptional quality. Clyde’s created a new standard in DC for experiential dining.

Photo Courtesy of Clyde’s Restaurant Group.

At Clyde’s, Quality is Key.

In addition to creating a timeless, lively atmosphere at each of their thirteen restaurants, The Clyde’s Restaurant Group refuses to settle when it comes to their cuisine. Every menu is handcrafted to match the ambiance of each restaurant while staying true to its mid-Atlantic roots. Many of their food and drink partnerships are local to DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Whether it’s locally caught seafood, beer, wine, or even water, they make it a point to invest in local partnerships. In fact, Clyde’s was one of the first restaurant groups in DC to advertise “local” and “sustainable” food and drink options. This is one of many reasons they’ve chosen Mountain Valley Mid-Atlantic as their leading bottled water supplier.

Mountain Valley Spring Water Surrounded by Old Ebbitt Grill Cocktails and Oysters.

We have long-lasting roots here in DC. In 1920, we made our first delivery of Mountain Valley Spring Water to the White House of President Woodrow Wilson at the request of his personal physician. Since then, Mountain Valley has been served to generations of US presidents, Congressmen and women, and visitors alike. Today, Mountain Valley Mid-Atlantic continues to distribute that same refreshing, mineral-rich spring water directly to homes, businesses, restaurants, cafes, and retailers throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

You can twist into a bottle of Mountain Valley Spring Water at any of Clyde Restaurant Group’s locations, including:

Like Clyde’s, Mountain Valley Spring Water focuses on sustainability. Our water is sourced directly and responsibly from reserves of the Ouachita Mountains. Our mission is to provide DC businesses and families with mineral-rich water for thousands of years to come. If you’ve tasted Mountain Valley at a Clyde’s Restaurant and would like to order some for yourself or rent coolers, learn more about home and office delivery